Post Brexit immigration – Why is care work considered a low skilled job?

How care workers could be affected by a new UK visa system

On the 19th February the UK government announced an Australian style points system for visas as part of their post Brexit immigration plans.

The new system will mean that some ‘low-skilled’ workers will no longer be granted visas. Individuals will need 70 points to meet the standard required. You can see how this might equate for a university researcher in the BBC infographic below.

Unison a public service union that represents health workers have said the plans ‘spell absolute disaster for the care sector’. Others have taken to social media to point out that care work is extremely important to our society and should be given more recognition. 

Foreign workers currently make up a sixth of the 840,000 care workforce in England. As it stands there is already a demand for more care workers, as one in eleven posts are vacant.

What do we think and what can we do?

Unfortunately as a small business we cannot control new laws, however we are dedicated to helping to improve the perception of care work. We believe that care work is an extremely important, valuable career which contributes a great deal to society.

Therefore we take steps to ensure: 

  • Our staff are trained properly, in house by a dedicated team and reach the standards required in the Care Certificate. Because of this they are confident and professional in the care they are delivering.
  • Carers are supported to further their education within the field.  Whether that is through our online training portal or Beeches sponsoring specific courses such NQV
  • Competitive rates of pay. Our carers earn at least £10-12 per hour and more for senior carers.
  • Paid travel time and mileage. None of our calls are cut short as we factor travel times in to rotas. 
  • We have clear career paths within the organisation. Staff members have the chance to progress within the company from carer to care coordinator and beyond.